Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Top 5 reason to build a cabin

Why you should have a cabin 

  1. It's always your hideout whatever happens. Unlike a house which you has to live with your family members and never be alone most of the time, your own cabin is always there for you to go and relax in a peaceful environment. Bad days at work and life problems will go away very fast when you can think about them and resolve them.

  2. It's fairly easy to build. Almost all log cabins are fairly easy to build in most case since it's mostly stacking logs in an intelligent way, to go faster in building your own cabin, purchase cabin plans. Would you make a house without any plan from an architect ? I'm sure not.

  3. It doesn't cost much to build. Most materials you are gonna use in the building of your cabin are gonna be around you. You will need either a good saw to make planks or an axe to get perfect logs. In the interior, you can almost make all things beside the furniture and the lighting. A good log cabin plan should include the number of logs/planks you gonna need to use for the building of your cabin.

  4. It's easy to keep it clean and nice. Your own cabin will be very small unless you are making one for your family, you do not have to work very hard to keep it clean. Most cabins looks very good from the outside, beside a few things there and there, you won't need to arrange it often.

  5. It's so cool. When you have a cabin and keep it a secret your girfriend/mate(s) will surely ask you where you are going, it will draw their interest. They will want to see the place where you go to think about yourself. Most girls i've been with liked the fact I had a cabin, it made them think I was very Mature.

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